Sunday, 31 August 2008

A Prayer for the Merging

Almighty God,

Allow us this day and every day to realise the power and totality of your Love,
Accept the way which you spread it: the same to each and none without,
Realise that the importance of this transcends markings made by mere mortals,
Acknowledge that separations have been, by humans, brought into existence, but
Commit ourself to ending these divisions through whichever means are apt, and to
Remember that all of us were made to worship and love your eternal splendour,
Recall that this renders our differences an irrelevance, minuscule by comparison,
Bear in mind that edifices thrown up by man must fall: nations, states, races, all,
Decline the temptation to see these temporal constructs as keys to identity
Rely upon only your Word, which came before these things and all things

And will exist after,

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