Friday, 29 August 2008

Opening Strafe

Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings. Post-Feminism is the rational notion that miscegenation is needed.

Noting the squalor which has overtaken blogging the Mystery Dyke Squadron has come to the decision that an enclave from the filth, an outpost of good honest depravity, must be formed.

We're not (quite) pretentious enough types to go about crafting a manifesto, nor tenacious enough to put the extended effort into crafting one even if we possessed the collective will. And the idea of a "Statement of Intent" is far too hackneyed a concept for us to consider without retching. In fact, there's a lot of things that induce nausea in us.

We aren't interested in talking about matter civil. We've enough nastiness in the depths of our closets to pelt the state with if it dares knock down our door.

As far as We're concerned correctness is madness gone political.

We don't seek to disabuse anyone of the notion that they're in control of their existence. Its this illusion that's kept civilisation upright since it started. We'll whisper our message to elm trees instead, since those things can stand up by themselves and so there's no harm to be caused there.

We consider it only a matter of time before people come to realise that Elijah Wood deserved to die.

We think you'll find that the Patriarchy lies in shattered pieces coating the floor & we'd like to invite you for a dance.

We are recruiting so if you can manage to send a piece of yours to mysterydykesquadron(@) then you're bright enough to be put under consideration. No bores, no bigots, no dullards.

The other public members of the Squadron will begin contributions shortly. I'm hardly going to prejudice you by presuming to know what sort of content to knock out so you'll just have to suck and see. Fuck knows that's a lost art.

Now if you're ready to free yourselves from the rigid confines of the endless series of restraints
and limitations that your precious "Identity" doubtless consist of, we can begin.

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