Thursday, 4 September 2008

Of all the tiresome divisions placed up between genders by contemporary culture the restriction upon female self-pleasuring is perhaps one of the most infuriating. It is a subtle but highly effective measure, a hang-over from the dreary anti-utilitarianism which institutions such as The Church were previously dependent upon. If human beings could bring themselves bliss and satisfaction, what need for a Grand Deity? Furthermore the possibility of making an instinctive human instinct something requiring forgiveness from the Church was of great use. The Sacrament of Confession has always required ashamed people to serve as its fodder: with this embargo upon the generation of joy in place it could convince people to feel relieved that the burden the Church gave it had been removed.

Beyond this cruel captivity there are the puritans, who of course simply loathe pleasure and take measures to eradicate wherever they are able.

Their success with boys and men has been eradicated near totally by a wave of references and normalisation, but for girls and women this liberation has yet to come. The female orgasm has become something which men are expected to generate but beyond this obligation there has been no expectation that women would wish to reach such a state through their own efforts until recently. However with the rise of "Raunch Culture" (indeed, central to its ascendancy) has come the sublimation into the mainstream of devices designed for precisely that end.

There are limitations to this: the commodification is questionable and some have argued that such machinery is superfluous, but the notion of a woman enjoying her own company has surely become less of an outlandish prospect.

However a worrying quantity of women continue to retain the absurd anti-pleasure hang-overs from a thankfully by-gone era. Too much pleasure remains denied by women to women and too much wariness of auto-orgasmic experiences has been retained. Too often have we encountered women who are reluctant to notch their own belt. The Mystery Dyke Squadron urged them to get a grip upon themselves.

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